First Impressions are Important

Be a Stand OutA little "wow" factor always attracts buyers

Buyers view an enormous number of properties before making a decision and it's important to ensure your property stands out and is memorable.  To achieve that, your property will need to look, feel and smell its absolute best. 

You never know when that elusive cashed-up buyer may want to inspect your property therefore, it’s important to be inspection ready.

Always remember the front of your property is your prospective buyer’s first point of contact.

An attractive and appealing exterior will entice a buyer to inspect the property rather than just stop at the curb.  Here are some ways that can help.     

  • Sweep paths, weed garden beds, trim the shrubs, cut the lawns and nature strip while ensuring the yard is neat and tidy.
  • Decorate your garden with eye-catching pots of colourful flowers along pathways and near to the front entrance.
  • See that your front gate and fence looks well maintained and in good repair.

Creating a Sense of Comfort

Keeping the house as clean and tidy as possible will make it less stressful on inspection day.

  • De-clutter the home and garage and store your precious items away.
  • Create a feeling of space so that buyers imagine how their own furnishings may look.
  • Repair or replace cracked or broken tiles and address any leaks. 
  • Create a well cared for living environment with a spotlessly cleaned and detailed kitchen and bathroom.
  • Soft relaxing background music can add to the home's ambiance.
  • Replace any dull light globes with those of a higher voltage.
  • The aroma of freshly brewed coffee or fragrant candles can be appealing to buyers.
  • Fresh flowers, indoor plants, throw cushions, throw rugs and tasteful prints can also help to create a sophisticated interior.  
  • Wherever possible encourage natural sun-light.
  • Maximise garden views by opening drapes, removing heavy curtains or scrim.
  • For the comfort of prospective buyers it's advisable to turn the air-conditioner on before and during your inspections.

Pet PreparationPlan ahead for your furry friend

Be sure to arrange for your dog, cat or other pet to be out for a walk or visiting friends at inspection time.

  • Not everyone feels the way you do about your pets, for example some buyers may have allergies to fur or be scared of dogs.
  • Many buyers find the smell off-putting.
  • Carpets, curtains and lounges should be cleaned of animal fur and thoroughly deodorised.
  • It’s important pet bedding, bowls, litter trays and toys are put completely away.
  • Remove any smelly deposits from pathways and the yard.
  • Damaged fly-wire, scratches and gnaw marks on doors, windows and walls should also be repaired and painted if necessary. 
  • If your dog has been digging holes or creating bald spots in the lawn it's best to rectify these.
  • You never know who your potential buyer is going to be, therefore it's best to play it safe by removing any negative that could have been created by your pet.

Repairs and Maintenance

It's evident when a property has been well maintained.  A well cared for property does attract a greater number of interested buyers.  The following factors can add to the final price you achieve when selling your property:

  • Complete minor repairs to doors that stick, taps that leak, broken light switches and replace blown light globes etc. 
  • Clean, paint and maintain barge boards, gutters and down pipes.
  • Leave copies of receipts, guarantees and if possible instruction booklets for recent installations or completed work for a buyer or building inspector to view.
  • Buyers like a well maintained property that has been regularly checked for white ants.
  • They also appreciate a property where air-conditioners and other appliances have been regularly serviced.
  • Drainage is an important issue.  Ensure there is adequate drainage that directs water right away from the home and garage.

For the best result and to avoid over capitalising, it pays to obtain the right advice by speaking with our professional salespeople before carrying out any unnecessary works or improvements.  We are always more than happy to help.

Please call Matt Scarce on 0411 185 205 or send an email to

Saving Money with Digital DecorAnything is possible with digital furnishing

There’s no longer any need for vacant rooms or poor presentation to hamper your sale or lease. 

Although we prefer a home to be well presented, a magical makeover resulting in eye-catching furnished magazine style photos can be generated through clever advanced editing techniques. 

It's an option you may wish to consider if the budget and time constraints are tight.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of competition out there and we know vacant real estate can sometimes take longer to sell or lease.  You’ll want your property to be looking it’s best and stand out among 100’s of others also available on the web.

With virtual furnishing, realistic images are stylishly added to uninteresting empty rooms at minimal cost using the wizardry of computer software.  Any type of room can be enhanced — interior and exterior, an entire home or just a selection of rooms. 

It's hard to believe the room on the left has been completely transformed using the latest digital furnishing techniques.

More Traditional Home Staging

Everyone knows the benefits of staging your home for both the photographic and inspection phases of the sales process. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee just how much home staging may add to the eventual sale price.  Still, with our years of experience we have no doubt a well presented home is far more saleable and will definitely attract more interested buyers.

There are different ways you can make use of what a good home presenter can do for your property.

  • You may just need some simple direction on how to best arrange your furniture or which items should go into storage to create space.
  • You may want to achieve a total top-to-toe make-over to highlight the best features so the property reaches it's full potential and appeals to the greatest number of buyers.
  • You might aim for a partial make-over using a home presenter's advice on how to best arrange your existing furniture, while adding some items available for rent, then buying or borrowing a few elements to achieve a layered and more polished look.

Either way, at Scarce Real Estate we appreciate any effort put into the presentation and staging of a home, because we know it really does make a difference.