Becoming Rent Ready

Maximising Your AssetAdd value by maintaining your investment

Properties that have been well maintained and cared for by the landlord attract greater interest from tenants and achieve a better rent in return. 

Aside from the frequent rental income, a property that has received regular upkeep is more likely to hold its value for the longer term. 

Prior to leasing to a new tenant, you should conduct a close inspection of the property noting and prioritising any work, repairs or modifications that may be required.

Looking at the property through the eyes of a potential tenant or even a buyer will help.

  • Ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned.
  • All floor coverings, walls, windows, bathrooms, ceiling fans, the interior of cupboards and kitchen appliances such as the oven, cook-top and grill need to be hygienically cleaned.  
  • Any rental furniture should also be cleaned and deodorised.      
  • If your property has previously been leased, re-keying or changing the locks will provide added security and peace of mind for your new tenant.

Repairs and Maintenance

A coat of fresh paint on walls, ceilings, doors, window frames and skirtings can work wonders, however in many instances only some rooms or walls may require painting or touch-ups (especially if those rooms have been subject to repairs).  It’s important critical items your future tenants are going to need are all in good working order.

  • Repair leaking taps, cracked and leaking shower tiles, screens and plumbing issues.
  • Have broken appliances, cracked windows, faulty door and window locks repaired and replace any blown light globes.  
  • Replace or remove anything beyond repair or that may be close to expiration.
  • Sweep up leaves, trim bushes and branches and mow the lawns. 
  • Make the garden as neat and tidy as possible to ensure it is easily maintained by tenants.

Your rental property is a valuable asset requiring your investment of money, time and effort to attract quality tenants and achieve a good rent return.  Contact our Property Management Team on (08) 8277 1777 to find out more.