Click Here for Your Application Form

About Your ApplicationA thorough and complete application helps

Please thoroughly complete and sign the official application form which can be downloaded and printed from this page (please refer to "Click Here" above):

  • Enter all relevant and reference details.
  • Indicate all persons residing at the premises.
  • Read and sign the Privacy Act Acknowledgement form.

It's also important to provide the following documentation when submitting your form:

  • Your last 4 payslips or other proof of income
  • Centrelink Payment Statement (if applicable)
  • Proof of identification

For proof of identification we require each applicant to be 18 years or over and provide 100 points of ID.  You'll find a helpful guide to providing 100 points of ID on the very first page of the application form.  Each item listed is allocated points which are combined to equal 100.  Here's a few examples the types of ID you can provide: 

  • Drivers Licence with photo ID  (40 points)
  • Current Australian Passport  (40 points)
  • Medicare Card  (20 points)
  • Car registration  (10 points)

Other Things to Know

By agreeing to sign the Privacy Act Acknowledgement form with your application, you are authorising Scarce Real Estate to access employment and rental history details deemed relevant to evaluate your application.  This may include information regarding your length of employment, positions you've held, your salary or wage and your rental history.  Rest assured any detail provided to us is for our use and that of the landlord only and is always kept strictly confidential.

Your application and the information you provide will be carefully processed, then submitted to the landlord so an informed decision can be made.  

  • It's the landlord's decision to accept or not accept an applicant to lease their property.
  • No reason is ever disclosed to applicants that have been unsuccessful.
  • Should your application be accepted you will be required to pay the first two weeks rent within 24 hours to secure the property.
  • The bond is due prior to signing a Residential Tenancy Agreement. 
  • The bond is comprised of four weeks rent if the weekly rent is $250.00 or less. 
  • A bond of six weeks rent is payable for properties with a rent over $251.00 per week.
  • You will be required to pay for a portion of the water charges for the property.  These will be outlined in your lease agreement.
  • When you lodge your application to lease you are accepting the property in the condition you have viewed it.