Traditional Property Marketing + the Latest Technology

The Best of Both WorldsNew listing alerts are instantly sent to buyers

Being a 65+ year old business we know the importance of the time honoured traditions of salesmanship, negotiation and personalised customer service and we continue to apply these principles today.  However, with the help of our tech and digital partners, Scarce Real Estate has also embraced the benefits of a hi-tech world.

Our digital tools of the trade include:

  •, and other mainstream real estate websites.
  • (SA's first bi-lingual website)
  • New listing alerts instantly sent to multiple, qualified, database buyers.
  • High quality property photos.
  • Up-to-the-minute digital enhancements.
  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Digital furnishing
  • Remote property inspections (in addition to traditional public opens and private appointments) using apps such as Zoom, Facetime and Whatsapp.
  • The facility for sales contracts to be securely and electronically signed by vendors and purchasers located anywhere in the world.

Tried and True Favourites

We haven't forgotten the importance of the well-established, tried and tested real estate marketing tools we know work, many of which are favoured by our clients.  At Scarce Real Estate we have every base covered with:

  • A high-profile and eye-catching LED window display (one of the largest in Adelaide).
  • Smart digital screens
  • Access to "The Advertiser" Real Estate Section
  • Full colour photo signboards
  • Directional arrows
  • Stylish full colour brochures
  • Letterboxed invitations
  • A weekly full colour Property Guide
  • Personal one-on-one contact with qualified buyers we personally know.

With our years of experience and the results we've achieved we are able to customise a quality marketing plan that is flexible, smart and economical. Our plan can include some or all the hi-tech tools together with the well-known favourites.

Our real estate marketing campaigns are tailored to suit the type of property, current market  conditions and the needs and wants of our clients together with the available budget.

Simply Sensational 3D ToursClick on the image to try a 3D Virtual Tour

If you haven't already experienced a 3D Virtual Tour, you absolutely must try one (please click on the image to the left).

Clients of Scarce Real Estate have access to mind-blowing 3D Virtual Tours that instantly and digitally transport buyers into the heart of a property for sale.

  • A 3D Virtual Tour allows buyers to manoeuvre and inspect a 360 degree aspect of each room.
  • Buyers are able hover above a 3D property model, then zoom in and out the rooms of their choice, creating an unreal experience and unique connection with the property.
  • A 3D Virtual Tour can be of enormous benefit to prospective purchasers that may be located in regional areas, interstate or overseas. 

You'll be surprised how affordable our 3D Virtual Tours are and how easy it is to include one of these amazing tours in your Scarce Real Estate property marketing campaign. 

Attracting Buyers and Creating a Competitive Environment

Well Thought Out Strategies
Quality marketing with appealing brochures

At Scarce Real Estate one of our key goals is to create a competitive environment so the best possible price and the most favourable sale conditions are achieved.  To reach that goal, we enlist the following elements when formulating our sales strategy: 

  • Quality marketing devised specifically to attract the greatest number of buyers.
  • A well considered set price, a price range or a no advertised price option.
  • Well-practiced, high level negotiation techniques (established and widely used within our business since 1957). 
  • The Scarce Real Estate Team consisting of highly trained and experienced professionals. 
  • Two qualified agents at open inspections when required.
  • Your choice of either a sale by private treaty, offers close, auction, public tender, expressions of interest, web only sale, database match-up or a discreet sale.
  • A smooth transparent ethical process that is open and honest with purchasers and our vendors.
  • Public open inspections, private appointments to view or a mixture of both.

The Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is an enormous part of the entire selling process and can sometimes be overshadowed by the latest fads and new glitzy marketing concepts favoured by some of today's agents.  We believe the sale of your most valuable asset should never be left to chance with the skills of a negotiator that is unproven and or unknown.

The refined and well-practiced negotiation skills you'll find at Scarce Real Estate have stood the test of time and have been handed down from one generation to the next.

Steeped in family tradition, negotiation has been well taught, well learnt and is highly prized within our agency.

We have no doubt clever and respectful negotiation is the key to achieving the best possible result.

Price is obviously an important factor, however the most favourable terms and conditions negotiated for a sale can be equally as critical. 

A sale with few or no conditions, with a settlement date and price that suits our vendor is always preferred. 

It's been said, "In safe hands tradition always has it's place", a statement that is certainly true with a proven  negotiator from Scarce Real Estate.

Adapting to Bi-lingual, SA's first bi-lingual website

Over the last few years South Australia has experienced a surge in Chinese property buyers.

Vendors listing their properties with Scarce Real Estate are able to specifically tap into this market through

  • is the first bi-lingual website created to provide SA with a platform reaching Chinese property buyers.
  • The portal provides cutting edge digital services and is currently the largest Chinese real estate search engine in SA.
  • Full property listings appear in both Mandarin and English on, while also being linked to our agency website.
  • Chinese property buyers are able to access a printable brochure translated into Mandarin from the online portal or at the corresponding Scarce Real Estate open inspection.

To benefit our vendors, and make purchasing easier for the growing number of Chinese buyers in South Australia (currently around 50,000), Scarce Real Estate is also able to provide Contracts for the Sale of your property translated into Mandarin.  Chinese buyers are able to find comfort in reviewing the translated contract prior to signing the English version that binds them to your sale.