A Selling Solution to Suit Everyone

The Choice is YoursA variety of methods of sale are available

At Scarce Real Estate we realise different people have different requirements.  We don't believe in the 'One method fits all' philosophy.  Our clients can choose a method of sale that is most suited to their situation.

There are many options that all warrant an in-depth explanation.  In each case, our professional agents will suggest the best method of sale taking into consideration the property, the current real estate climate and the needs and wants of our vendor.  Although most of our clients prefer one of the three methods explained below, in addition we also offer a discreet, database match-up or a web only sale.

The final decision on a particular method of sale always rests with our client - the property owner. 

Please contact Matt Scarce on 0411 185 205 or email matt@magain.com.au to find out more about a method of sale that suits you.

Offers Close

The offers close method takes the best of auction and combines it with the best of a private treaty sale.  Like auction, an offers close campaign has an approximate 3 - 4 week time frame for open and private inspections and ends at a specified time and date which creates a sense of urgency.

  • The deadline for offers to close is sometimes bought forward should an offer be made that is acceptable to the vendor.
  • Purchasers are welcome to submit offers before the nominated deadline.
  • Buyers have the option to request their desired settlement date.
  • Some buyers will request a specific amount of deposit. 
  • Others may require a building inspection.
  • Or a time frame for obtaining finance approval.
  • Our salespeople will work with each buyer to ensure their offer is the best it can be.
  • Scarce Real Estate makes every effort to notify all parties who have inspected our properties of a change to the offers close deadline.

Offers close is a very popular method of sale and is seen by some vendors as a strategy that can be less stressful than others.

Public AuctionAuction creates a competitive environment

The primary function of an auction is to create a competitive environment in which to find the unconditional buyer prepared to pay the most.

  • Auction is designed to develop a sense of urgency and a transparent, open forum in which bidders compete.
  • The auction is conducted on a set date and at a set time after a 3 - 4 week sales campaign. 
  • Settlement is usually set down for 30 days with a 10% deposit due and payable immediately after the auction or on the next business day.
  • Our vendor determines the advertised price range or guide at the time of listing and sets the reserve price just prior to the auction.
  • Vendors remain completely in control by choosing to either accept a purchaser’s offer prior to auction, to sell on auction day or to pass the property in. 
  • An auction has no ceiling, bidding can continue on and on until all parties are out bid by the one successful purchaser.

Private Treaty

When selling by private treaty our properties are marketed at either a set price, price range and in some instances with no price. Potential buyers are invited to make offers however, unlike some other methods of sale, there is no definite deadline or date and time by which offers are required to be made.

  • Some buyers prefer to purchase by private treaty as they require time to obtain finance approval.
  • Some buyers require a longer settlement.
  • A purchase subject to a building inspection.
  • Or another type of condition.
  • When a condition is acceptable to our vendor it becomes outlined in the contract along with a time frame by which the condition is to be satisfied.
  • Once a contract is signed by both our vendor and the purchaser and the Form One – Vendor’s Statement has been served, a 48 hour (or two business day “Cooling Off” period) applies.
  • There is no "Cooling Off" period if that right has been waived by the purchaser.
  • Buyers are required to pay the deposit on the next business day after the "Cooling Off" period.